Kansas City will forever be “home,” but I am currently local to St Louis, MO. However, that could change literally any day. My husband is in the United States Air Force, so we will be wherever the heck they want us to be! This gives me the opportunity to live in and see places I never thought I would. It’s a blessing and a curse ;)


Hi! I'm

I am sassy, emotional and your #1 fan. On your wedding day, I will cry at your vows and first dance, defend you when needed, and cheer for you the entire day. My favorite part of doing this is knowing that I get to connect with people and capture their biggest moments. I am with you for as long as your images exist, and that is something I don’t take lightly. 

Traveling for photography is my dream.
Mountains, beach, desert—whatever your vision is, I am there! 

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